Step 2.

Create active networks

The social platforms you know are good, but not perfect for promotion. Ours is.

When you choose Fatsoma, you drastically reduce marketing costs and reliance on third parties by growing your own promoter channels. It works too. 50% of our clients’ sales come through their own Fatsoma networks.

See the features

Grow your following

Each ticket taken through Fatsoma is more than just a sale.

Every time a customer taps ‘purchase’ they become part of your following — which means you can promote directly to them in the future.

Sync your networks into one

Keep rolling with the momentum you’ve gained so far.

Invite your Facebook fans and customer base to follow you on Fatsoma. They’ll have the choice of connecting to your page. Simple — now you can reach everyone in one place.

Launch events with push notifications

Instantly announce events to your entire following with one click. It’s a total game changer.

If they don’t have our app, we send them an email instead, with updates on what’s coming. Our announcement service is free to use, and it’s the reason over 50% of sales come through our app.

Turn your best customers into promoters

Grow your network of reps, and tap into their social influence.

We do this with Fatsoma rewards. The incentives are down to you; approach or approve potential reps with your terms. The more they talk and share, the more they’ll benefit. Rep activity currently drives around 20% of all Fatsoma sales — and you only pay when you get results.

Work with venues and sub-promoters

Reach everyone you want to, with no tough logistics. Combine your promotional powers with other promoters.

By working together, you can target multiple networks to reach more people and drive more sales — all with full visibility over total ticket transactions.

Ready to go?

Sure — social networks, ads, search engines and ticket agents can all boost sales. But Fatsoma puts you in total control of promotion and ticket sales from start to finish. It’s all about your relationship to your customers.

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