Step 3.

Get people talking

Once you’ve hooked an audience, don’t lose them. Fatsoma keeps the focus on your event.

People can chat in the app, get plans rolling, and say whether they’re in or out. Then they can bring others on board, spreading the message through their phone contacts. That’s how each purchase becomes an ad.

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The Fatsoma App

Your customers are never out of the loop.

The Fatsoma app does three things. It allows customers to find you, lets you send event updates with push notifications, and encourages people to share and plan with their friends. Say hello to the world’s first social ticketing app.

Empower group leaders

We make your event the centre of the conversation.

Fatsoma encourages plans to get moving. The leader of a group can form a chat and stoke excitement; everyone can see who’s in, who’s out, and who’s bagged tickets.

Encourage word-of-mouth

Get your customers promoting the event for you.

Every time a customer buys a ticket on the app, they’re given the choice to instantly notify their friends via mobile notifications to let them know they’re going. It’s engagement that’s constantly rolling forward.

Incentivise sharing

Reward customers who turn their friends into ticket buyers.

You choose what people get. Then, watch activity rise as they share your event through their networks. That’s why we’re built for much better ticket sales, and true loyalty.

Ready to go?

Sure — social networks, ads, search engines and ticket agents can all boost sales. But Fatsoma puts you in total control of promotion and ticket sales from start to finish. It’s all about your relationship to your customers.

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