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Manage entry and on-site payments

Manage your door and take care of all on-site payments. Made possible with Fatsoma's streamlined scan app and our super-fast order and pay system, Fatsoma pay.

"I do all types of events from intimate club shows to festivals and I've tried every platform and ticket agent out there. Fatsoma is the best, hands down!"

Ryan Keary, Director
Fatsoma Scan

Get your customers through the door, fast

Say goodby to long queues and say hello to a flawless check-in. With the Fatsoma scan app you can run the door like a pro. Available on both IOS and Android devices.
Fatsoma Pay

Order and Pay
the easy way

Fatsoma Pay combines the most streamlined and user friendly order and pay system on the market with Fatsoma's unique social app.

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Join 30,000+ event organisers that use Fatsoma to sell out their events.