Our pricing is simple and transparent. We charge one flat fee that is usually paid by your customers, meaning you get acceess to all of Fatsoma's advanced marketing tools at no extra cost.

Our fees

10% per transaction
(minimum £1)

This fee can be passed on to your customers or hidden in the ticket price. Fatsoma payment processing is available in 39 countries, secured with advanced fraud protection, and accepts all standard forms of payment.


How do I get paid for the tickets I sell?

Two days after the end of your event, the revenue you have collected for tickets will move from pending to cleared and be available to withdraw. You can withdraw your ticket revenue to any bank account of your choice by inputting your bank details.

Can I get my ticket revenue before the event?

We offer a direct pay system, allowing you to receive your ticket funds directly. This is recommended if you need your ticket funds before your event. Please get in touch to discuss advanced payouts.

Who pays the fees?

Most event organisers pass on the fees to the customer. This means event organisers effectively pay nothing to use Fatsoma and all the marketing tools. If you choose to absorb the fees into the ticket prices, we will deduct them automatically from the amount you can withdraw.

I do large scale events, do you do discounted fees?

If you sell over 2000 tickets per month or have a big event coming up, get in touch for custom pricing.

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