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Event status introduced

To help event organisers and our support team provide high quality support to customers, we've introduced the ability to instantly update us on the cancellation status of your event.

Due to the Government Lockdown procedures during the Coronavirus pandemic, many event organisers have been forced to postpone or cancel their events. To help us keep track of this, we have introduced a new concept called "Event Status". This is a way to communicate with Fatsoma whether the event is still taking place, has been cancelled or is postponed.

So that the revenue from ticket sales move from pending to cleared, the event status must be filled in. Doing this is simple. Click through to the event in the dashboard and you will see the following menu:

Here are your options and what they mean for you and your customers: 

Cancelled - Event Not Going Ahead

This is event is no longer taking place. There are no plans to host this event in the future. All customers are owed a refund and the event revenue will be returned deducted from the pending or cleared balance to cover them.

Postponed - Event moved to a new date

The event will not take place on the advertised date, however, there is a rescheduled date in the pipeline. Customers are entitled to a refund if they can't make the rescheduled date. Funds are held in pending until after the event has taken place in accordance with the normal terms and conditions.

No change - Event taking place as shown

There are no changes to the scheduling, venue, line up or date of the event. The normal Fatsoma refund policy, where tickets are non-refundable and none exchangeable, will apply. Customer may be refunded, but only at the event organisers discretion.

Please note that ticket revenue will not clear until the event status has been completed.

How can we improve?

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More Product Updates

We automatically take tickets off sale when you change the event status to "cancelled"

To help make life easier when you have to cancel an event, we now take tickets off sale when you change the event status to 'Cancelled - Event not going ahead'.

We've introduced a new event status, "Rescheduled - New date TBC".

To help when you need to reschedule an event but have not confirmed a new date, we've introduced a new event status, "Rescheduled - New date TBC".

We've added additional information to the refund request page

To help you decide whether to approve or deny refund requests we've added additional information to the refund request page.

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