Product Updates

Faster Refunds for Customers

We've updated the way that refunds are processed by Fatsoma, meaning that your customers receive their refunds faster.

We've made a significant update to the way refunds are handled. We have integrated with the Stripe Payments API in order to process requested refunds automatically with minimal user input. This has reduced our response time to refund requests from up to five working days to one working day, meaning customers will get their money back faster. Customers can expect to receive a refund within a maximum 10 working days after requesting.

How can we improve?

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More Product Updates

Refund Request Refinements

We've implemented a number of important changes for the refund request process.

New refund request process

Refund requests now go directly to you to approve or deny, giving you complete control.

Faster Refunds for Customers

We have integrated with the Stripe Payments API to reduce the time taken to process refunds for your customers.

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