Product Updates

Fatsoma for Business has moved to its own Subdomain

So we can optimise both key components of Fatsoma independently, we have moved the Fatsoma business control panel to a separate subdomain.

The customer front-end and business control panel perform very different functions, and also have different technical challenges. Therefore, we have separated them onto two different domains,, and

This work is also part of a larger project to transition the customer front end to a faster, more versatile javascript framework in the near future. 

As a fatsoma for business user, the only difference you will notice is the new URL.

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More Product Updates

Refund Request Refinements

We've implemented a number of important changes for the refund request process.

New refund request process

Refund requests now go directly to you to approve or deny, giving you complete control.

Faster Refunds for Customers

We have integrated with the Stripe Payments API to reduce the time taken to process refunds for your customers.

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