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Fatsoma Product Updates Overview 2020

We've been working hard on product updates to help you sell out your events, and to make your life easier. Check out an overview of what we've been up to below.

At Fatsoma, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for both you, the event organiser, and your customers.

Although the global pandemic has slowed us down somewhat, 2020 has still been a great year so far for product updates that are making a real difference to ticket sales across the board at Fatsoma. We’ve worked tirelessly to introduce these updates, but it became apparent that we haven’t kept you informed of the latest improvements! And so, we are excited to introduce you to the new section of our blog: Product Updates.

This article is split into four sections (checkout updates, back-end updates, front-end updates and other updates), and serves as an overview of the year to date, giving a brief look at some of the improvements we have been making:

Checkout Updates 

Saved Card Details

So that you can maximise your ticket sales, we’ve made it our mission to create the best, most streamlined checkout experience on the internet. A key part of that is adding the option for the customer to save their card details for future use. This has resulted in a more streamlined and cohesive checkout experience. Learn more

Apple Pay

After the launch of saved card details on the website, the next obvious step was to implement Apple pay. Learn more

Google/Microsoft Pay

With the success of saved card details and Apple pay, the next logical step was to implement the next two major mobile payment platforms, namely Google Pay for Android and Microsoft Pay for Windows. Learn more

Dynamic Order Form

Some events require specific information about each attendee. If you sell multiple tickets in one transaction, you can now customise your order form to collect data per ticket rather than per order, providing you with the information needed to make your event run smoothly. Learn more

Back-end Updates: sub-domain

As part of our process of continuous improvements, we have moved the Organiser Control Panel to This also forms part of a larger project to transition the customer front end to a faster, more versatile javascript framework in the near future. Learn more

Updated Control Panel

To make Fatsoma for business more enjoyable to use, we have redesigned the control panel to make listing events easier, even from a mobile device. Our new fully responsive design is part of a process of continuous user experience and interface improvements. Learn more


Having to scroll down to load the events or notifications you want to manage can be time consuming and annoying. That’s why we’ve changed to a more traditional pagination system. Learn more

Front-end Updates

Front-end re-build

So that we can provide the best user experience possible, we have rebuilt on the open-source Ember javascript framework. This will allow us to provide a super-fast, fully responsive website and help massively reduce the development time on future projects. Learn more

Occasion and category pages

As part of ongoing User Experience and SEO improvements, we’ve extended the taxonomies we use at Fatsoma to include what we are calling “occasions”. These are special dates throughout the year, such as Halloween, Boxing Day, New Year’s eve etc. These occasions traditionally have high volumes of search traffic on Fatsoma and Google, and by adding the appropriate taxonomy to your events, we can help you generate more traffic. Learn more

Other Updates

Scanner Permissions

If you run multiple events, you may not want your entry staff to be able to access them all in the Fatsoma scan apps. To solve this, we have introduced individual event scanner permissions. Learn more

Duplicate Events

If you run events that repeat weekly, monthly or even daily, adding them one by one can be very labour intensive. To solve this, we have introduced a new, duplicate event tool, allowing you to reproduce an event in a single click. Learn more

How can we improve?

We’re committed to building the best ticketing and event marketing platform in the world. If you have any suggestions on what we can do to improve, we’d love to hear them. Please, get in touch

More Product Updates

We automatically take tickets off sale when you change the event status to "cancelled"

To help make life easier when you have to cancel an event, we now take tickets off sale when you change the event status to 'Cancelled - Event not going ahead'.

We've introduced a new event status, "Rescheduled - New date TBC".

To help when you need to reschedule an event but have not confirmed a new date, we've introduced a new event status, "Rescheduled - New date TBC".

We've added additional information to the refund request page

To help you decide whether to approve or deny refund requests we've added additional information to the refund request page.

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