Product Updates

New Fatsoma Scanner Permissions

Give staff access to individual events in the Fatsoma scan apps for iPhone and Android. Allow staff to scan events without being added to your company on Fatsoma.

We want to make your scanning experience easier, so we have created a feature to give staff access to individual events on the Fatsoma apps, both on iPhone and Android.

If you run multiple events, you may not want your entry staff to be able to access them all in the Fatsoma scan apps. As a solution to this problem, we have introduced individual event scanner permissions. This restricts the events your scanning staff can see to the individual events you invite them to. Furthermore, staff can be given access to scan without having access to sensitive data including revenue.

How do you grant Individual event Fatsoma scan permissions?

1. Navigate to the 'EDIT EVENT’ page

  1. In the Fatsoma control panel, navigate to the event you wish to add scan staff to. 
  2. In the left menu, under the header “ON THE DAY’ you will see the link ‘Scanner Staff’. Click on this link

2. Add Scanner Staff

  1. On the Scanner Staff screen, Click the “Add Scanner Staff” button
  2. On the Add Scanner Staff screen, enter the email of the person you wish to add and click ‘Submit’.
  3. Your staff will receive an email from Fatsoma. Tell them to follow the instructions to add a password and accept the invite.
  4. When the staff you have invited log into the scan app, they will be able to view the event they are invited to and use the scan app to manage entry at your event.

The Fatsoma Scan app is available free of charge on both the Apple App and Google Play Stores. Simple search "Fatsoma Scan".

How can we improve?

We’re committed to building the best ticketing and event marketing platform in the world. If you have any suggestions on what we can do to improve, we’d love to hear them. Please, get in touch

More Product Updates

We automatically take tickets off sale when you change the event status to "cancelled"

To help make life easier when you have to cancel an event, we now take tickets off sale when you change the event status to 'Cancelled - Event not going ahead'.

We've introduced a new event status, "Rescheduled - New date TBC".

To help when you need to reschedule an event but have not confirmed a new date, we've introduced a new event status, "Rescheduled - New date TBC".

We've added additional information to the refund request page

To help you decide whether to approve or deny refund requests we've added additional information to the refund request page.

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