Product Updates

Pagination of Events and Notifications has changed

We’ve changed from infinite scroll to pagination on event lists and notifications on fatsoma for business.

At Fatsoma, we are committed to making your experience as stress free as possible so, we’ve changed from infinite scroll to pagination on events and notifications on Fatsoma for business.

Although this is not a significant change, for those users with a large number of events, this will be a big improvement. This method of Pagination is a better experience and is more suited to this type of use case.

How can we improve?

We’re committed to building the best ticketing and event marketing platform in the world. If you have any suggestions on what we can do to improve, we’d love to hear them. Please, get in touch

More Product Updates

Refund Request Refinements

We've implemented a number of important changes for the refund request process.

New refund request process

Refund requests now go directly to you to approve or deny, giving you complete control.

Faster Refunds for Customers

We have integrated with the Stripe Payments API to reduce the time taken to process refunds for your customers.

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