Product Updates

Time format set to five minute intervals

One of the many requirements placed upon licensed venues when reopening in the wake of the lockdown was to allow customers to book specific time slots for the duration of their stay. As a result, it is now more important than ever for event organisers to be able to keep their events running like clockwork and to adapt these needs, we have introduced five-minute intervals into all the time settings on Fatsoma for business.

Rather than a drop-down with fifteen-minute interval time slots - 00:15, 00:30 etc - you'll now notice that there are two separate time settings, hour and minute, with the minutes in five-minute intervals - :00, :05, :10 etc.

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More Product Updates

Refund Request Refinements

We've implemented a number of important changes for the refund request process.

New refund request process

Refund requests now go directly to you to approve or deny, giving you complete control.

Faster Refunds for Customers

We have integrated with the Stripe Payments API to reduce the time taken to process refunds for your customers.

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