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Don't give your customers away!

Other ticket agents and ticket platforms treat your customers as their own. Profiling them, segmenting them, and promoting 'similar' events to them.

You don't have to put up with it.

There's a better way...

At Fatsoma, your customers are exactly that. Yours! (Crazy concept, we know). Our unique social ticketing model enables you to build a following of loyal customers and gives you a direct line to them. Giving you the platform to build a strong, resilient, and successful events business.

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Sell tickets

Get started in minutes and give your customers an unbeatable ticket buying experience.

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Build a following

Build a community of people who love your events and keep coming back for more.

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Promote events

Broadcast events to your followers through push notifications and emails in just 1-click.

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“We spend a lot of time and money building our following.  Why would we give it away to our ticket provider? That would make zero sense.”

Dharmesh Patel, Owner

Everything you need to make your event a success

A Gig for 50, or a Festival for 50,000? No matter what size, we can help you sell out your event and deliver an unbeatable experience. Your customers will love you for using Fatsoma.
Sell Tickets

Make your customers smile.

Our easy to use ticketing solution will help you deliver a world-class ticketing experience that will put a smile on your customer's faces.
Market your Event

Sell more. Spend less.

Event organisers using Fatsoma reduce their marketing costs by as much as 50%. We can do the same for you.
On the Day

Check in guests. Fast.

Getting customers into your event can sometimes be a challenge. Not with Fatsoma scan, our robust and reliable scan app that's available on both iPhone and Android.
Fatsoma Tabb

Order and Pay+

Does your payment system help you grow your business? With Fatsoma Tabb, every transaction is an opportunity to turn paying customers into followers.

Take Control

You want a successful events business.  And building your customer base is crucial to that. But the problem with other ticket agents and ticket platforms is they want to sell tickets to your customers. Not just your tickets. But any tickets on their platform.

We don't think it's right.

We don't profile or segment your customers, and we'll never promote other events to them. How could we? We know how much time, money and effort you put into your events.

That's why we're here to help. Help you take back control, help you build your following, and help you sell out your events for less. We give you the foundations to build a strong, resilient, and successful events business.

So stop giving your customers away, take back control and get started with Fatsoma today.


Simple, transparent pricing

Fatsoma is free to use for Event Organisers. We charge a small booking fee per ticket sold that is usually passed on to the customer.


Minimum £1

Take your business to the next level with a ticketing and event marketing solution for events of any size.



High volume ticket sales or large and complex events? Get in touch to discuss custom pricing.

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List your events and tickets to let customers know the what, when and where.

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