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Stand out from the crowd and level up your events with a beautifully crafted app for iPhone and Android.

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The event promotion landscape is crowded, but Fatsoma and Tixapps are changing the game.

Together, we're offering world leading apps designed to put your brand in the spotlight, ensuring you're not just another face in the crowd. Our apps come packed with:

  • Seamless Fatsoma integration
  • Exclusive app-only ticket features
  • Unlimited push notifications

Embrace the power of a personalised app and discover a new level of event promotion success. Your brand deserves to shine. We’re here to help you make that happen.

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Offer exclusive app

Boost downloads and maintain high engagement levels by offering tickets only available on your mobile app.

Send unlimited push notifications

Keep your audience updated, whether it's last-minute changes or exclusive promotions, using our unlimited push notifications.

Show past event

Showcase event galleries exclusively on your app, engaging your audience and encouraging app sharing to drive downloads and to build your community.

Setting up? It’s a breeze.

We've simplified every step for you. From initialisation to launch, sail
smoothly with our easy-to-use online dashboard.


1. Secure your spot

Given the premium nature of our service, we can only start 20 new app builds each month. Apply for yours now to start your app building journey.


2. Choose customisation

We pride ourselves on flexibility. Whether it's a basic design or a fully customised enterprise solution, craft an app as distinct as your brand.


3. Launch on the App Store

The moment you've been waiting for - the launch. Our team will ensure a smooth and seamless release into all app stores.

More affordable
than you might think

Investing in your brand’s mobile presence doesn’t have to break the bank. Our pricing structure is designed to deliver value while fitting within your budget.
£80 +VAT
Just £80+VAT per month for unlimited downloads and unlimited push notifications.
One-off build
Starting at £4,999 +VAT
Starting at £4,999, we have a solution for every budget.

Choose your level of customisation

£4,999 +VAT

Elevate your brand's app experience with our Pro tier. Building on the solid foundation of our Standard package, Pro offers:

  • A fully bespoke colour palette
  • Personalised typography with Google Fonts
  • Unique card design styles for an enhanced look and feel
  • Built for both iOS and Android app stores
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From £9,999 +VAT

For brands that seek the pinnacle of app design and functionality, our Enterprise tier offers a truly individualised experience:

  • Tailored from scratch: Your app, your vision.
  • Comprehensive bespoke design service: Every element crafted to your preferences.
  • Personalised typography with any fonts.
  • All the power of Pro, but with limitless customisation.
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Act now, spaces are limited!

Creating an app requires attention to detail and commitment to quality. This dedication means we can only undertake 20 app builds each month.

As of now, we're accepting orders for new builds. Typically, each build takes between 1-4 weeks to complete.

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The future is bright, and it’s just around the corner.

Not only do we offer a cutting-edge platform today, but we're also consistently innovating for tomorrow. Here's a sneak peek into the game-changing features we're rolling out:

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Event Galleries

Create engaging visual experiences with a curated collection of images showcasing your past events. Now live.


Instagram Feeds

Enrich your app with live updates from your Instagram feed, providing a dynamic, social media-integrated event experience.



Attract and manage valuable partnerships within the app, opening up new avenues for revenue and visibility.



Boost engagement and sales with exclusive offers, promotions, and discounts available only on your app.



Introduce an exclusive members-only section within your app, offering premium content and special privileges.


Order and Pay

Streamline the food and drink buying process with a seamless, integrated order and pay system, providing convenience for your customers.

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Collaborating for a brighter tomorrow

At Fatsoma, our aspiration has always been to provide the best event marketing platform in the world. It’s this vision that led us to join forces with Tixapps, a team whose mission aligns seamlessly with ours: to craft the world’s best app service tailored for events. Together, we are not just another startup; we are pioneers paving the way for the future of event technology.

As we embark on this promising journey, we recognise the invaluable role our early adopters play. Your insights, feedback, and visionary ideas will be the catalysts that shape our path forward. We’re in this together, and we’re excited to co-create a future where every feature, every update is a reflection of our combined dreams and aspirations. Let’s innovate, iterate, and illuminate the event space like never before.
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