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Give your ticket sales a boost, when you need it.

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It’s frustrating when tickets aren’t selling as well as you want.

With Discount Codes you get even more flexibility around how you sell your tickets. So you can give your sales a boost, when you need it.

  • Sell out your events
  • Reduce ticket prices, your way
  • Build customer loyalty

Sell out your events by running last minute sales, boost your guest list, or offer exclusive VIP tickets that other customers won’t be able to see. Sell tickets your way with Discount Codes.

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Sell out your events

Sell more tickets by offering limited discounts, or help sell out your events with a last minute sale.

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Reduce ticket prices, your way

Sales lower than you want? Reduce ticket prices with a discount code, without revealing this publicly.

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Build customer loyalty

Build loyalty by discounting tickets. Boost your guest list or offer friend and family discount. You choose.

The numbers speak for themselves.

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Sell up to 10x more tickets with discount codes.

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Over 1/2 a million discount codes used to date.

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Discounted tickets perform 50% better.

“It’s great to have the option to offer discounts to select customers. So I can take care of my customers and events no matter what comes up.”

Louise Jones, Club Chemistry
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“With Discount Codes I can give my events a boost whenever I need it.”

Mason Tyler-Holland, Skyline Events
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“We love how they can be made private, so not all customers can see when we choose to discount our tickets.”

George Thoburn, Nu:Motive Promotions
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3 simple steps to give your ticket sales a boost.

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Choose an event

Find an event from your Fatsoma dashboard and select ‘Edit Event’. Then scroll down to the Tickets section.

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Enable Discount Codes

Select ‘More Options’, choose ‘Discount Codes’ and then tick ‘Enable Discount Codes’. Enter your desired Discount Code in the box provided and then save.


Watch the sales roll in

That’s it. Now, share your discount code with select customers so they can start purchasing your discounted tickets.

Your questions, answered.

How much discount can I offer?

What can I offer discounts for?

How frequently can I offer Discount Codes?

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We’re more than just a ticketing system. We’re a way to build a stronger, more successful events business.

Fatsoma gives you the tools to build a loyal customer base that you can re-engage whenever you need. Boosting your revenues, freeing up your time, and making your marketing go further.

Grow your brand and your events business with confidence with Fatsoma.

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