Order & Pay that helps you grow your hospitality business

Build a following    Keep them engaged  •  Grow your revenues

Want to grow an engaged customer base but not sure how?

No way to turn paying customers into followers

Not sure what return you get from social media

Got something to promote but no easy way to do it

Want to reach beyond footfall and passing traffic

What you need is a direct line to your best customers. So you can get them back when you need them the most.

Grow a customer base.
That you can rely on.

1. Take orders

Why disappoint customers with a slow, clunky interface? Give them a fast, effortless order & pay experience they’ll want to use again.

2. Turn buyers into followers

Followings are good. But they’re great when they’re built from actual customers. Fatsoma Tabb allows your customers to follow you just after they’ve ordered. Giving you a direct line straight to them.

3. Send promotions

Stop paying for adverts. Just go direct to your followers. Promote menus, specials, and events directly to them. And get your best customers coming back for more.

4. Get people talking

One customer is great. But a group is even better. With Fatsoma, your followers can easily invite their friends to your promotions. Which means more customers for you. For no extra work.

Get up and running. Fast.

No upfront costs. No contracts. Full support.

Step 1.

Add Menu

Sign up and get your unique Tabb page. Then add your menu using our simple menu editor.

Step 2.

Setup Payment

Connect your Stripe account (or create one if you haven’t got one) so you can receive payments.

Step 3.

Take Orders

Display your unique QR code in your venue. So your customers can scan it, and then order & pay.

Simple, transparent pricing

Fatsoma Tabb is free to use. We only charge a small fee per transaction, which is passed on to your customers.



Our 3% commission can be added to your customer's orders so you don't pay anything.



High volume orders or multiple venues? Get in touch to discuss custom pricing.

Take control of your customer relationships

Yes, you want a thriving business. And yes—loyal, engaged customers are crucial to your success. But the problem is that social platforms and traditional order & pay services keep your customers to themselves.

At Fatsoma Tabb we believe the relationship between you and your customers is what matters most. That’s why we empower you to build your own following that you can contact directly. So you can get them back time and time again. They’re your customers, after all.

Before, you probably relied on search, social, and food-ordering services to get found, or even, heard. Now, you’ll have your own community, and your customers will hear from you direct. Take control with Fatsoma Tabb.


How quickly could I be up and running?

Getting set up on Fatsoma Tabb is a relatively quick process.

  1. 5-30 mins adding your menu (depending on complexity).
  2. 10 minutes to connect a Stripe account (even if you don’t already have one).
  3. Setup your tablet or use a laptop so you can process orders.
  4. Download your QR code and display in your venue.
What equipment do I need?

You will need an iPad or Android tablet. If you want to print out the orders you will need a Star CloudPRNT compatible printer. We support these Star printer series: mC-Print2, mC-Print3, TSP654III, and SP742.

How quickly will I get paid?

All payments go through Stripe — the world’s leading online payments company. Stripe pays directly to your bank on a 7-day rolling payout schedule.

Do customers need to download an app?

No. Customer’s order from their smartphone’s web browser.

Do customers need to set up an account?

No. Customer’s can checkout as a guest if they’d prefer not to set up an account.

How easy is it to train my team?

The UI is really intuitive and can be picked up in a few minutes.

How will my staff know when orders have been placed via Tabb?

When the order comes through a beep and a message on your Tabb dashboard will notify team members that there is a new order to be processed.

Can food be routed to the kitchen and drinks to the drinks area?

Items on one order can be sent to multiple ‘Prep areas’. This means food can be set to the kitchen and drinks to the drinks area.

I have on the door payments, a bar, and a kitchen. Can Tabb be used for all three?

Yes — Tabb is very flexible and can support a variety of different setups. If you have something specific you’d like to discuss then please please request a call back.

Could you help me get started?

If you would like to speak to someone please request a call back and someone will be in touch to schedule a call.