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Sell your tickets directly from your website.

Finding more ways to increase ticket sales can be a hassle.

But with Fatsoma’s Event Widgets, you can make it even quicker and easier for your customers to purchase tickets. And best of all? They’re completely free.

  • Sell tickets from your website
  • Effortless hand-off to Fatsoma Checkout
  • Checkout in 10 seconds

Make the buying experience easier for your website customers, and gain total flexibility on where you sell your tickets, with Event Widgets.

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Sell tickets from your website

Establish trust between your customers and your brand by selling tickets directly from your own website.

Build brand loyalty

A hassle-free checkout experience with Fatsoma Checkout means customers are more likely to buy tickets in the future.

Increase conversions

Reduce the time it takes to checkout and save a tap in the buying process. Which in turn increases conversions.

Sell tickets from your website in under 10 seconds.

"It was really easy to add an Event Widget to my site. And it helped me sell even more tickets."

Ben Mackenzie, Cirque Du Soul

3 simple steps to sell tickets from your website.

Choose your event

From your dashboard, choose an event that you’d like to make a widget for and scroll down to ‘Embed Widget’. Here you can preview your Event Widget.

Embed the Widget code

Select “Copy Embed Code” and paste the code into your website. It’s as simple as that.

Start selling more tickets

Now customers can easily purchase tickets directly from your website. And you can track your customers’ purchases to ensure no grey areas in your marketing.

Your questions, answered.

What if I add more ticket options for my event?

How much do Event Widgets cost?

What do Event Widgets look like?

How easy are Event Widgets to create?

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We’re more than just a ticketing system. We’re a way to build a stronger, more successful events business.

Fatsoma gives you the tools to build a loyal customer base that you can re-engage whenever you need. Boosting your revenues, freeing up your time, and making your marketing go further.

Grow your brand and your events business with confidence with Fatsoma.

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