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Build a stronger connection with your customers.

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Learning the finer details about your audience takes time and effort.

But with Customer Questions, you can quickly and easily ask your ticket-buyers anything you want to know, right before they checkout. Gather ages, social media handles, phone numbers, locations. Whatever you need.

  • Gather customer data during checkout
  • Build connections with your audience
  • Save time on follow-up communication

Improve your marketing, and save valuable time and effort on follow-up communication, with Customer Questions.

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Gather essential information at checkout

Get details like ages, social media handles, phone numbers and location. Anything you want to know about your audience can be available with each purchase.

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Build a stronger connection with your followers

Use Customer Questions to offer birthday freebies, exclusive discounts and to keep your customers in the loop with marketing preferences.

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Save time and effort on follow-up communication

By collecting all the information you need at checkout, you’ll rarely have to reach out to your customers for more details before your events.

"I use it to improve my marketing. By collecting info like their phone numbers and age brackets I can better understand my customers. It also makes it very easy to send any updates about each event directly to their phones. One of the best features on Fatsoma!”

DJ Aza, Gosta Mondays
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“By collecting info on which country our customers are moving from I can better understand our demographics, and tailor the events, production and marketing to suit!”

Lee Rimmer, International Social
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“With Customer Questions, everything we need to know is collected at the checkout - including the dog names! With this information we can customise entry gifts for each customer ensuring a personalised experience.”

Marcus, Pup Up Cafe
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Over 8.9 million Customer Questions answered to date.

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customers stats

Used by 30% of event organisers in September ‘23.

3 simple steps to build a stronger connection with your customers.

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Create or select an event

Find the event from your dashboard and select “Edit Event”. Scroll down to “Customer Questions” and choose “Add Question”.

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Add your questions

Enter the question you want to ask and select an answer field type. Tick boxes, multiple choice, dates — everything’s catered for.


Start collecting information

Click “Save” and start collecting information. It’s really as simple as that.

Your questions, answered.

How can I make sure customers answer the questions?

Can I change my questions after I’ve created them?

What sort of information can I collect?

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We’re more than just a ticketing system. We’re a way to build a stronger, more successful events business.

Fatsoma gives you the tools to build a loyal customer base that you can re-engage whenever you need. Boosting your revenues, freeing up your time, and making your marketing go further.

Grow your brand and your events business with confidence with Fatsoma.

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