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Reach new customers that your other marketing channels don’t.

Selling out your events is hard work.

But Fatsoma Reps makes it quicker and easier. You tap into your customers’ influence to help promote your events. They spread the word, sell your tickets, and your events sell out faster.

  • Recruit unlimited reps
  • Control ticket incentives
  • Payments handled by Fatsoma

Sell more tickets and reach an even bigger audience with Fatsoma Reps.

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Recruit and manage
unlimited reps

Invite existing reps or customers of your choice with the click of a button. Or, you can just let your entire following rep for you.

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Set and manage ticket incentives

Rep incentives are set by you, for each ticket type, for each event. You have full control.

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Clear and simple

You only pay a commission on sales. And your reps are paid directly through Fatsoma, saving you time and effort.

It’s a 100% return on investment. You only pay the incentive that you set, on completion of a successful sale.

We’ve seen brands increase their sales by up to 3x using Fatsoma Reps.

“Fatsoma Reps are basically my brand ambassadors. Dedicated to getting the word out about my events, and making me sales. It’s so simple, but it really works.”

Dave Chan, Voodoo Events
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“As they say, it’s all about who you know. So, by tapping into my Fatsoma Reps’ networks, I’ve hugely expanded my potential customers, helping me increase my sales dramatically.”

Kurt Hurst, Riff Raff Events
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“We’ve used Fatsoma since 2018 to great success at The Warehouse Project & Parklife Festival. As well as our street team being able to easily sell a lot of tickets, it’s also very helpful as a marketing manager to be able to track my reps’ sales and see who my best sellers are. And in turn, work with them further as campaigns develop or new ones emerge.”

James Pyrah, The Warehouse Project/ Parklife Festival
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3 simple steps to reach a bigger audience.

Recruit your reps

You build your rep team up in Fatsoma, inviting your following or choosing customers to rep for you. If you’ve already got a rep team, you can invite them all in one click.

Choose your ticket incentives

You choose how much commission you want to pay them for a successful sale. They’ll each get notified in the Fatsoma app with a unique link.

Watch your sales increase

You then watch the ticket sales roll in, as your reps spread word of your event through their social channels.

Your questions, answered.

How many reps can I recruit?

How do I see my rep sales?

How much does it cost?

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We’re more than just a ticketing system. We’re a way to build a stronger, more successful events business.

Fatsoma gives you the tools to build a loyal customer base that you can re-engage whenever you need. Boosting your revenues, freeing up your time, and making your marketing go further.

Grow your brand and your events business with confidence with Fatsoma.

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