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Empower your reps to sell more tickets.


Reps that feel undervalued and unmotivated are less likely to make sales.

With Rep-Only Tickets, you can empower and incentivise your reps with special, discounted tickets that only they can sell. Reward the reps that have created their own customer base, and motivate others to continue building theirs.

  • Reward your reps
  • Offer discreet discounts to boost sales
  • Steer off competition

Motivate your reps, expand your customer network and sell more tickets, with Rep-Only Tickets.

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Offer rep incentives

Inspire your reps with commission incentives. The bigger their customer base, the bigger the potential reward.

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Stay ahead of competitors

Stay ahead of competitors by boosting
event sales without visibly dropping
ticket prices.

Happy reps, happy business

Rep-Only Tickets boost rep engagement and steer off competition. And in turn, help you sell even more tickets.

The numbers speak for themselves.

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Over 1.9m Rep-Only Tickets sold and counting.

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See up to a 48% rise in ticket sales.

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Over 5,000 event organisers using Rep-Only Tickets.

“With Rep-Only Tickets, I put money into my reps rather than an external marketing agency. My customers get discounts and offers, my reps earn commission, and I sell more tickets. Simple.”

Adam Stevenson, Cool It Events
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“Our reps put a lot of time and effort into generating their own customer bases, so Rep-Only Tickets lets me reward them for their hard work.”

Justin Bickler, Terminal V
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“Rep-Only Tickets empowers my reps to build and maintain their own network of customers.”

James Pyrah, Parklife Festival
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3 simple steps to empower your reps.

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Select an event

Choose an event from your Fatsoma Dashboard and scroll to the ‘Tickets’ section.

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Add Rep-Only Tickets

Select ‘Add Paid Tickets’, complete the relevant fields and click ‘+ More Options’. Tick ‘Only accessible via rep link’ and click ‘Save’.


Add your incentives

Add incentives to your Rep-Only Tickets and then save your event. The incentives will show up in the Fatsoma App so your reps can start earning exclusive commission.

Your questions, answered.

How do Rep-Only Tickets benefit my reps?

How can my customers benefit from Rep-Only Tickets?

How much does the feature cost to use?

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We’re more than just a ticketing system. We’re a way to build a stronger, more successful events business.

Fatsoma gives you the tools to build a loyal customer base that you can re-engage whenever you need. Boosting your revenues, freeing up your time, and making your marketing go further.

Grow your brand and your events business with confidence with Fatsoma.

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