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Refund Request Refinements

We've implemented a number of important changes for the refund request process.

New refund request process

Refund requests now go directly to you to approve or deny, giving you complete control.

Fatsoma Product Updates Overview 2020

We've worked tirelessly throughout 2020 to continually improve the Fatsoma platform, helping event organisers hit the ground running after the lockdown

Faster Refunds for Customers

We have integrated with the Stripe Payments API to reduce the time taken to process refunds for your customers.

Customer questions on a per ticket basis

If you sell multiple tickets per order, you can now collect attendee data for each attendee through the new dynamic order form feature. Click through to find out how.

Event status introduced

We have introduced a new concept called "Event Status" as a way for event organisers to communicate with Fatsoma whether the event is still taking place, has been cancelled or is postponed.

Time format set to five minute intervals

You can now select start and end times, or publish and announcement times in 5 minute intervals, rather than 15 minute intervals.

Pagination of Events and Notifications has changed

We’ve changed from infinite scroll to pagination on events and notifications on fatsoma for business.

Updated Control Panel User Interface

In order to make the experience of using Fatsoma for Business easier and even more enjoyable, we have deployed a number of changes to the control panel.

New Occasion Pages on Fatsoma

As part of ongoing User Experience and SEO improvements, we’ve extended the taxonomies we use at Fatsoma to include what we are calling “occasions”.

Google Pay and Microsoft Pay are now available on the Fatsoma website

In order to maximise your ticket sales, we’ve launched Google Pay and Microsoft Pay on the Fatsoma website.

New Duplicate events tool

We’ve introduced a new duplicate event tool to help make your life easier.

Apple Pay is now available on the Fatsoma website

To help maximise conversion rates and ticket sales, we’ve launched Apple Pay on the Fatsoma website.

New Fatsoma Scanner Permissions

You can now give staff access to scan individual events in the Fatsoma scan apps for iPhone and Android. Rebuilt in Ember 3.15

To provide the best user experience possible, we've rebuilt the Fatsoma website from the ground up in the Ember javascript framework. Click through to find out how.

Saved Card Details is now available on the Fatsoma website

Customers can now save card details to re-use on future ticket purchases.

Fatsoma for Business has moved to its own Subdomain

So we can optimise both key components of Fatsoma independently, we have moved the Fatsoma business control panel to its own subdomain,

How can we improve?

We’re committed to building the best ticketing and event marketing platform in the world. If you have any suggestions on what we can do to improve, we’d love to hear them. Please, get in touch

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