Product Updates

Updated Control Panel User Interface

We’ve made extensive changes to the user interface on to make the experience of using Fatsoma for business easier and more enjoyable.

To make Fatsoma for business easier and more enjoyable to use, we have implemented a process of continuous improvement. As part of this process, we have recently undergone an extensive period of research where we collected a large amount of both quantitative and qualitative data.

This has helped us refine the existing user interface and also resulted in the introduction a few new concepts to save you time and make your life easier.

Mobile-First Design

The Fatsoma for business control panel is fully responsive giving you complete control when you're on the move. We’ve made improvements to the menu hierarchy and added a number of new visual elements, such as breadcrumbs to make it easier to navigate.

Fatsoma Page Dashboard - Mobile View

Taking a mobile-first approach to user interface design has resulted in a more polished and streamlined experience on both mobile and desktop.

Visual feedback for event announcements

Although the event announcement tool is extremely effective at increasing ticket sales at no extra cost, our research shows that a high percentage of event organisers were unaware of how this worked.

Event Announcements - Visual feedback

To better demonstrate this, we’ve added visual feedback to the ‘add event’ process so you know exactly what will be sent and to how many followers.

We’ve made it easier to add events

The addition of a dedicated add event section on the dashboard makes the creation of events easier than ever.

Add event button on the dashboard

Simply select the correct page and click “Add Event’ to get taken directly into the event add process.

New Color Scheme

As part of the front end rebuild in Ember 3.15, we introduced a new colour scheme to This updated colour scheme has now been applied to the business control panel throughout.

Updated components

Every component has been redesigned to provide a more polished experience.

  • Tables
  • Forms elements
  • Buttons
  • Labels
  • Typography

Although many of these are subtle changes, they make a more coherent user experience.


These are just a few of the changes we’ve made to make using Fatsoma for business easier and more enjoyable. To see the full range of changes, login at

As with the customer front-end, we will continue the process of continuous improvement and refinement, and will be introducing a number of new tools in the near future.

How can we improve?

We’re committed to building the best ticketing and event marketing platform in the world. If you have any suggestions on what we can do to improve, we’d love to hear them. Please, get in touch

More Product Updates

We automatically take tickets off sale when you change the event status to "cancelled"

To help make life easier when you have to cancel an event, we now take tickets off sale when you change the event status to 'Cancelled - Event not going ahead'.

We've introduced a new event status, "Rescheduled - New date TBC".

To help when you need to reschedule an event but have not confirmed a new date, we've introduced a new event status, "Rescheduled - New date TBC".

We've added additional information to the refund request page

To help you decide whether to approve or deny refund requests we've added additional information to the refund request page.

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