Ticketing, but better

We’ve redefined what it means to be a ticketing platform. Fatsoma is shifting power away from the ticket agent, back to you — the organiser. So you can own a network. Create a conversation. Take control.

And this is how it works

Fatsoma is more than just a place to sell tickets. It’s a space to build a successful event brand. And a way for you and your customers to connect.

Step 1.

Convert more customers

Your customers use search, social and messaging platforms. So we integrate your Fatsoma event with all of them, boosting conversions.

Pages are optimised for Google, while you can track sales on social too. Once a customer lands on your Fatsoma page, they convert. We have the highest rates in the industry.

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Fatsoma quickly got our events to the top of Google, and they’ve stayed on top. Since doing this our ticket sales and customer-base have more than doubled.

 Dharms Patel, Owner

Step 2.

Create active networks

The social platforms you know are good, but not perfect for promotion. Ours is.

When you choose Fatsoma, you drastically reduce marketing costs and reliance on third parties by growing your own promoter channels. It works too. 50% of our clients’ sales come through their own Fatsoma networks.

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Yes, our audience has grown massively on Fatsoma, but what’s most exciting for us is that we can actually market to all of our customers, directly. So not only have ticket sales increased, but all these extra sales cost us nothing.

 Marc Jones, Director

Step 3.

Get people talking

Once you’ve hooked an audience, don’t lose them. Fatsoma keeps the focus on your event.

People can chat in the app, get plans rolling, and say whether they’re in or out. Then they can bring others on board, spreading the message through their phone contacts. That’s how each purchase becomes an ad.

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It’s remarkable how easy it is for our customers to not only share our events to their friends and contacts through the app, but to actually make sales based on those recommendations… they’re doing some of our marketing for us!

 Dave Chan, Owner

The evolution of ticketing

Tech has changed. But the ticket model hasn’t. It’s the same today as it was 10 years ago. Fatsoma gives organisers the control you’ve been lacking. And here’s why.

  • Pre-Internet

    Back in the day, customers had to ring up a ticket agent, book over the phone and wait for tickets to be delivered, or get to the venue early and risk queuing for hours.

  • Web 1.0

    Then came the internet, and the rise of the online ticket agent. Customers started getting added to databases and targeted en masse via email.

  • Web 2.0

    The arrival of social networks was a game changer. Suddenly, anyone could create and promote an event. Promotions became better, more numerous, and diverse.

  • Fatsoma 1.0

    Promoters and venues were doing the work, yet agents were still reaping the benefits. So we built influencer tech directly into our platform, helping organisers grow their own networks.

  • Fatsoma 2.0

    To make it easy for your customers to spread event info throughout their network, we introduced share, invite and chat technology into the app. Events just went viral.

Ready to go?

Sure — social networks, ads, search engines and ticket agents can all boost sales. But Fatsoma puts you in total control of promotion and ticket sales from start to finish. It’s all about your relationship to your customers.

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